Orion Range....Blade

The Orion is the light to medium duty flatbed cutter/plotter that has been in constant production for over two decades. Tough, reliable, and versatile it supports a range of adaptable three-axis blade cutting tool heads and plotting pens.

The latest Orion 2100 light to medium duty flatbed cutter is an economical reliable and adaptable cutting machine that is designed for two purposes. It can utilize a pen to plot on flat surface materials, and it can use either a dual fixed blade or rotary blade tool head that will cut textiles, such as sailcloth and upholstery. Cardboard, paper, composites, nylon polypropylene and PVC are also at home on this platform. As with any of our machines the Orion 2100 can be supplied to any international specifications.


For many years the original Orion cutter / plotter has been the industry standard for light to medium duty cutting of fabrics and sheet materials. The new Orion 2100 platform has been upgraded significantly with brand-new specifications including upgraded drive components and a new computer control system. The benefits of these changes are immediately apparent. The new Orion 2100 machine is much easier for the user to operate, and it allows more control. It is faster, and its reliability has been greatly improved. This combination of power and reliability accounts for the success of this model in a broad range of industrial cutting applications. For specifications on the Orion 2100 see the table below.

ORION2100 Specifications table
Feature Available Details
Two Cutting heads Yes Tangentially Steered Tools
Fixed Knife Yes Steel or Carbide Blade
Rotary Knife Yes Pizza wheel style
Laser Cutter No Available on Genesis 2100
Plotter Penholder Yes
Optional Rotary Punch Yes
Router No Available on Genesis 2100
Vacuum bed Yes Also reverse blow for easy removal
Safety cut off switch Yes
Cutting widths
1.5m No
2.0 Yes
2.5 Yes
3.0 Yes
3.5 No Available on Genesis 2100
4.0 No Available on Genesis 2100
Maximum Cutting Speed 900mm p/sec Average cutting speed adjusted by customer requirement
Minimum Cutting Length 1.67 metre
Maximum Cutting Length 15.09